Thursday, September 07, 2006

Gimmicks Annoy Me

Checkout this article:

Note the last line:
"LaCie has also announced two SAFE Mobile drives with built-in encryption, which should reassure the more paranoid user. In the US the 80GB costs $219.99, which is a premium of $50 over the non-encryption SAFE, while the 120GB costs $299.99 - a premium of $20."

Does anyone else see a problem there?

If you pay a premium for encryption "over the non-encryption SAFE" doesn't that kinda suggest that their regular "SAFE" drives are just a pretty enclosure with a thumb print scanner that interfaces with software to do basically zero? If the data isn't encrypted then what prevents someone from stealing the device, ripping the drive out, and plopping it in any system or enclosure?

Now I'll admit, I have't bothered to read LaCie's site so maybe I'm missing something but this seems like a complete Gimmick to me......give the consumers a biometric device and they'll think they're all secure.

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