Thursday, March 29, 2007

Coming to a flight near you....."What to do when your aircraft is hit by flaming space junk"

And you always thought flying was the most safe form of travel.

"'The pilot of a Lan Chile Airbus A340 ... notified air traffic controllers at Auckland Oceanic Centre after seeing flaming space junk hurtling across the sky just five nautical miles in front of and behind his plane...'"

Space Debris Narrowly Misses Airliner

That's just messed up, I mean I knew that space junk posed a threat for our satellites, rockets, the shuttle, ISS, etc but having to worry about it entering the atmosphere just sucks. I mean yay one less thing for our extra-atmospheric endeavors to collide with but still messed up.

I wonder if my house insurance covers "impact from flaming space debris". I know I get most bizarre "act of god" type things but that's pushing it.


Barf said...

There will be a new disclaimer focusing on the fact that insurance will not cover you in the event that a foreign nation smashed your house with part of their derelict (formerly) orbiting device.

Thorin said...