Friday, November 23, 2007

Exit or Not?

The green sign above says it's an Exit (even Green for GO!!!!).
The signs to the left say 1st floor stairwell & "-> Exit this floor".
The sign on the door says "Not an Exit".

WTF? In case of fire, get stuck in logic loop, burn, die....GAH!

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Barf said...

I've seen this kind of thing before. What you can't get from the image is:

1. The door is locked, so you can't get out even if you needed to

2. The door servers as an emergency exit only, so security measures have to label it as 'not an exit.' so they don't have to install cameras to watch it.

3. There's probably nothing behind it except a brick wall anyways, to ensure that those tempted to test the claims listed in counterintuitive fashion can't get anywhere without a sledgehammer.