Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"What Excessive Pay Package?" : CEOs vs Average Joes


It loads a flash animation...move the slider left/right.

1970 - CEOs made 28 times more than average workers.
2005 - CEOs made 465 times more than average workers.



Barf said...

That 548x in 2000 made me choke a little.

Evolving Squid said...

But the real question is...

"What difference does it make?"

These CEO vs Plebe comparisons are merely media hype... a journalist trying to make a name for himself by pretending to raise an issue for the common man.

What difference does it make to Bob the Assembly Line Worker, if Fred the CEO makes 23089237495827 times what Bob makes? If it bothers Bob so much, what, exactly, is preventing Bob from starting down Fred's career path?

No matter what to careers you pick, one will make more than the other and you can bet that some population of the lower paid one will be pissed about that fact. They'll complain that the higher paid one really doesn't earn their money the way the lower paid one does.

The CEO vs PLEBE money thing is incarnated here in Ottawa by the Civil Servant vs Contractor money thing. Silly Servants like to bitch and moan about how much money consultants make, but you can offer a civil servant a consulting job with all the privileges and responsibilties that go with it, and most will turn it down... why? Because there's more to the money than meets the eye.

Thorin said...

Hey MR. Squid. Dunno how I missed your comment earlier, but yes in essence I agree. Mr. Plebe could and should (if bothered) attempt to do down the same career path as Mr. CEO. I was just amazed at the actual GAP. I always accept that there are people who make way more than me, I just didn't realize how extreme it actually could be. It's also sometimes very off putting to see how big the delta is once you've dealt with some of these people and seen how sometimes incompetent they are.