Thursday, August 28, 2008


2008 Fall Premiere Schedule

As some of you may know I have a pretty healthy TV addiction so without further ado here is the fall premiere schedule I've put together. Please feel free to comment if you can think of anything I've missed. (Especially new series).

Gossip Girl (CW) Sept 1 8PM
Prison Break (Fox) Sept 1 8PM (2 Hours)
One Tree Hill (CW) Sept 1 9PM

New 90210 (CW) Sept 2 8PM (2 Hours)

Bones (Fox) Sept 3 8PM (2 Hours)

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles (Fox) Sept 8 8PM

House (Fox) Sept 16 8PM

Survivor: Gabon (CBS) Sept 18 8PM
Smallville (CW) Sept 18 8PM

Big Bang Theory (CBS) Sept 22 8PM
Heroes (NBC) Sept 22 9PM (2 Hours)
CSI: Miami (CBS) Sept 22 10PM
Boston Legal (ABC) Sept 22 10PM

NCIS (CBS) Sept 23 8PM
Law & Order: SVU (NBC) Sept 23 10PM

New Knight Rider (NBC) Sept 24 8PM
Criminal Minds (CBS) Sept 24 9PM
CSI: NY (CBS) Sept 24 10PM

Ugly Betty (ABC) Sept 25 8PM
Grey's Anatomy (ABC) Sept 25 9PM (2 Hours)
The Office (NBC) Sept 25 9PM
ER (NBC) Sept 25 10PM

The Amazing Race (CBS) Sept 28 8PM
The Unit (CBS) Sept 28 10PM

Dragon's Den (CBC) Sept 29
Chuck (NBC) Sept 29 8PM

Private Practice (ABC) Oct 1 9PM

Ghost Whisperer (CBS) Oct 3 8PM
Everybody Hates Chris (CW) Oct 3 8PM
Numb3rs (CBS) Oct 3 10PM

CSI (CBS) Oct 9 9PM

My Own Worst Enemy (NBC) Oct 13 10PM


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