Monday, March 30, 2009


Earth Hour 2009

So how did the City of Ottawa do for EarthHour 2009?


So ~1.1 Million people in Ottawa Carleton managed to save enough power for ~0.000199312715% of Hydro Ottawa's customer base for a single month. (Rounded that's 1/5,000th of their customer base).

I'm still trying to find numbers that show how 9:30-10:30 right after Earth Hour compare to the same hour the week before. I also tried finding Ottawa's annual consumption numbers with little luck (if anyone has any ideas please leave a comment).

Here are some posts from a friend of mine on the topic:


One other fact...

Power stations run at optimal capacity all the time, so although Ottawan's saved (close to nothing) a little bit, all that happened was that the electricity that would have burned in lights got shunted straight onto the ground rod.

Net energy saving? precisely 0.

Now add the cost in energy and chemicals that went into producing all the posters and hype.

Net energy saving? negative. Earth Hour costs.
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