Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Big Bang Theory (TV Series)

So for the last 3 (IIRC) years one of my favorite shows on TV has been "The Big Bang Theory". I totally relate to this show, though the characters are more geeky than I. The things that come up with them are things that came up with my group of friends in college, the things that still come up with the people I work with, and are things that I regularly read about on slashdot, etc. The show is crazy funny and even my wife watches it with me....though I suspect this might be mainly because she just enjoys how much and how hard it makes me laugh :D

Today I came across a great site that covers the science behind the science of the show... It's lots of fun so check it out if you're a science lover (even if you don't watch the show):

The Big Blog Theory

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