Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Keyboard Shortcuts (Part III)

Building on my previous posts:
Keyboard Shortcuts (Part I) and Keyboard Shortcuts (Part II)


- When you have a cell some kind of content and want to see the insertion point so that you can navigate the value and edit it press F2.
- If you want to add lines to a cell (i.e.: enter multiple lines of text in a single cell) use alt + enter.


- In most Windows applications when a dialog box appears the buttons can be activated ('clicked') by typing the first character or the word. i.e.: Save (s), Don't Save (d), Restart (r), etc.
- In most Windows applications when a dialog box is showing you can use tab to navigate between the controls (buttons, file lists, etc.)
- ctrl + tab > In a control panel or similar allows switching between tabs (combine with shift to go in the opposite direction). In web browsers/word processors/Excel this usually allows you to cycle through tabs or windows.

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