Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Green Papaya (Thai Garden)

I just found this location a few weeks ago and have since been over twice and have another trip planned for later this week.

Green Papaya (Thai Garden)

"At the THAI GARDEN Restaurant, explore the Classic culinary traditions of Thailand, Buffet style for lunch and regular service for dinner."

I've only been there for lunch and their buffet is great! Two soups, some salads, about 12 different mains (maybe even approaching 18) including: various curries, pad thai, spring rolls, two rices (to put your curries on) etc, and a few deserts.

They make a red pork curry I really like, as well as a yellow chicken/potato curry that I've ordered from their non-buffet locations before and their soups are delicious.

Price is decent ~$14 for lunch buffet (IIRC).

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