Monday, August 15, 2011

Curiosity on Discovery - Intelligent Design & Stephen Hawking

So I saw this show recently on the Discovery channel in Canada (Curiosity: Did God Create the Universe).

The show is hosted by Stephen Hawking, he's a pretty bright guy and the content of the show is very interesting. However, I'm EXTREMELY disappointed with the show and Stephen's conclusion.

Their conclusion is that since time started with the Big Bang itself, there was no time prior to the Big Bang and therefore couldn't have been a being or entity to cause the Big Bang. The problem with this as I see it though is the fact that they assume a 3 or 4 (3 + time) dimensional existence. Yet numerous scientific theories suggest > 3 or 4 dimensions, in fact up to ten that I've read about*. So why can't the Big Bang have been created or started by a being or entity that lives outside of our 3 or 4 dimensions, something that lives or exists outside of our time dimension?

*Imagining the Tenth Dimension ... Hmm I'm having problems with that one in Firefox so here's an Alternate from youtube. ~11 mins, discussion of 5th and 6th dimensions begin around the 4.5min mark.

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