Tuesday, December 12, 2006

DOOM's 13th Birthday

Ignoring the rather pathetic movie featuring "The Rock", DOOM's 13th Birthday was yesterday (11-Dec-2006). Honestly I'll admit I was never hooked on DOOM, rather QUAKE was my first addiction to FPS games. Quake, Quake CTF, and Quake II wasted many a day during my college career (though I'm no worse of for having played till my hands went pins-and-needles on a few occasions....at least not that I know of so far).

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Anonymous said...

Now this takes me back. Not to mention remind me of the tie I once had to the notorius ]SA[ Thorin.

Barf here.

I trust you remember MadCow and myself. (suprised yet?) On top of that, I'll say that he and I work together to this very day. Heh, and of course, we're playing WoW as well. Drop a line at Razhan on Kalecgos(horde) for me and Zoodoo or Deadzor for the cowman.

I've enjoyed the blog, and the welcome suprise to see a connection to an old friend. We're working in IT ourselves these days (what true game nerd doesn't grow into the field?) and the content strikes home. I have a feeling I'll keep an eye on this place.

Good seeing you again & take care.


Thorin said...

OMG someone that knows me from my quaking days!