Friday, May 25, 2007

Techno-Idiots (Part 1)

Yes this is part one, I don't have a plan for Part 2 but based on the things I've encountered in this world I CAN NOT fathom that I won't come up with something else.

So I ran across this "Zune Team Getting Amnesty for iPod Use" article on slashdot. Following the obvious set of links. The comments on the Flickr photo page just amazed me.

By Flickr user ariel_waldman:
"I wonder how many iPods Zune bought to make a marketing point. Notice how all the iPods in there are the same generation."

WoW! Did she even read the story? Zune is a product, an in-animate object it can not possibly purchase anything. How could someone claim to be such a fan of Apple's iPod (see her other comments) and have NFC that Zune is a Microsoft product meant to compete with Apple's iPod. Hey Ariel has your iPod made any purchases lately? /sigh

I know that in the grand scope of things this is a minor grammatical issue but seriously people, at least engage part of your brain before you type. Remember the internet never forgets. I'll state for the record (just in case ariel actually happens across this blog someday), that no I don't expect everyone to be perfect (heck I know I'm not). Perhaps this is a lone example of a post one morning without coffee, it's not really that I'm pointing a finger at ariel, more that you see this all over the forums and blogs online .... it's seems when people believe they're anonymous online they also believe they don't have to use their brains.


Barf said...

Oh God, it hurts. I can't wait for part 2. As such I'll be an official lobbyist pushing for the production of part 2.

Thorin said...

I'll definitely keep my eyes peeled for the next target.

If you're bored sometime make a toon on zul'jin and fire beorn or beodrui an in-game mail.

Barf said...

Will do. I had checked for Thorin and it seems someone beat you to the punch...or its an alt you never play. ;-)

Thorin said...

Nope someone beat me to it :(