Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Techno-idiots (Part 2)

Found over here:

You've all heard the line from the song "Things that make you go hmmmmm", well I suggest we apply a slight modification making it "Things that make you go DUH!".

Serious how could any even barely technology savvy individual think this was a good solution to the issue?


Barf said...

Maybe its a newfangled Capcha technology. Anyone who puts anything that even looks like a legitimate email into this box gets blocked.

by the way - Orange Box, TF2. Its like the old days all over again.

Thorin said...

Ya I've been reading about that.

I'm also very curious about the OpenSource FPS AlienArena.

About a year ago I fired up Q3 and went online to play, geez my skills needed work...I got complete owned. But I'll get it back. WoW isn't holding my attention like it used to and FPS games are easier to walk away from while playing.

Barf said...

Didn't even know about that one - but it looks pretty cool. I find, however, that playing TF2 and trying to get T5 are quite a ... consumption of what time I can put together. =)