Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Do you use your Browser's Home button?

I recently came across this article Firefox Homepage JavaScript Execution, which asks the question:
"how often do you click on the Homepage button?"
To which I think to myself, "as often as I need to visit about:blank....ie: never." How often do other people use the Home button? Personally I always found it kind of useless.


Barf said...

I wouldn't say I use the button frequently, but I do make regular use of the homepage assignment.

I've assigned my 'homepage' to actually be a series of tabs (four pages to be precise). This is nice so when I open Firefox, it goes right to all the pages I frequent.

As for actually clicking the homepage button though, no - that would open four new tabs with all the pages again...

Anonymous said...

I use it often enough because my home page is like a second set of book marks.

Also, on work machines, I keep the Environment Canada weather as home page so I hit home and it's like a "boss" key.